photo by Marcela Llanos

Left frame photo by Claire Petavy 

* Masataka Koduka, Kontrabass (auf Deutsch)

Masataka Koduka wurde in Kobe und bekam zwischen 1987 und 1997 von einiger japanischer Profi-Kontrabass Spielern (Takayoshi Matsunaga, Tetsu Saito und Satoru Iwata) für die Klassik-, Jazz-, argentinischer Tango- und Rockabilly-Methoden des Kontrabasses Unterricht. Auch lernte er in Buenos Aires Tango-Kontrabass-Technik von Hernán Maisa and Pablo Guzman.
Seit 1987 spielt Koduka meistens in Tokio Jazz- und Rock-Gebiet bei der verschiedener japanische oder amerikanische Bands und Musikern (z.B. Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Frank Chickens, Cicala-Mvta, Compostela, Shibusashirazu Orchestra u.s.w. ) und Recording Sessions Kontrabass. Seine erste Band spielte die Film Musik für einen japanischen Film “Yama – attack to attack”(1985), der 2018 im Berlinale lief.
Seit 2012 wohnt er in Berlin und spielt bei über 30 verschiedenen Projecten (z.B. Johanna Zeul, Ukulelenprediger, Happyhill Grass Cutters, Stella Ahangi, Masha Potempa, La Berlinga, Rodeo FM, Julia & the Deepsea Sirens, Esther Schwarzrock u.s.w.). Im 2014 machte er mit der Tangoband “La Berlinga” in Buenos Aires Konzerte.

* as session bassist

Masataka Koduka was born in Kobe, Japan. Since 1987, Koduka played bass in several Japanese (tango, folk, bluegrass, country, jazz, avangarde, pop, etc) bands, Orquesta del Viento, Cicala-Mvta, Bokka Kumiai(牧歌組合), Afroblue, Kokoroba(こころば) and played with musicians from Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Frank Chickens, Compostera, INU, Shibsa-Shirazu, Guy Klucevsek’s ain’t Nothin’ but a Polka Band, Netanders etc. Since 2012, Koduka lives in Berlin and plays bass in bands in Berlin, Stella Ahangi (chanson),Mich the Black Harlekin (bluegrass),Rodeo FM (country), Julia & the Deep Sea Sirens (australian folk rock),  La Berlinga & Duna Rolando (argentine tango), Esther Schwarzrock (german folk rock) etc. With the tango band “La Berlinga”, Koduka toured in Buenos Aires in 2014.

He learned classic and tango methods of double bass from Takayoshi Matsunaga, who was the double bass player for Japanese reggae-dub Band “Mutebeat” and tango-band “Tango Crystal”.  Koduka learned tango technique too from Hernán Maisa and Pablo Guzman, rockabilly technique from Satoru Iwata.

* favorite bassists
Danny Thompson
Chris Laurence
Willie Dixon
Jimmy Garrison
Charles Mingus
Kicho Diaz
Ray Brown

* as Japanese musician

Koduka plays Japanese legendary flute(Ryuteki) for Japanese traditional music(GAGAKU, KAGURA etc) for about 25 years and played for the wedding parties of many people. He playes another flutes, Shishibue for the Shishi-Mai(Lion Dance) and Shinobue for the festival music(Ohayashi) too.

* as journalist 

Masataka writes music reviews for japanese music magazine(“Music Magazine”) and the web music site in in Japan(ex. BARKS).
Masataka likes the music of Charles Mingus, Astor Piazzolla, Bill Monroe, Robert Wyatt, Captain Beefheart, Fairport Convention, Ronnie Lane, Gram Parsons, the Band, Roxy Music, Bonnie Koloc, Sonic Youth, Masha Qrella, Julia & the Deep Sea Sirens etc.

* as programmer

Masataka Koduka is good at building websites & E-Commerce systems, thinking the web marketing and developing internet systems speedy ,smart and reasonably. He worked in big develop projects in Japan.

* 2012 – NOW: with German & Japanese IT companies, as a freelancer

  • designed, developed and programmed SNS systems for German companies(php, MySQL, Linux)
  • designed, developed and programmed realtime log analyse system for Japanese company(kinesis, lambda, python, PostgreSQL, Perl)
  • designed, developed and programmed AD-Exchange(SSP) system for SSP company(Perl, MySQL, Linux)
  • designed, developed and programmed E-Commerce system for companies(ruby, PHP, MySQL, Linux)
  • designed, developed and programmed RTB(Real Time Bidding) system for DSP companies(Perl, ruby, MySQL, Linux)
  • designed, developed and programmed DMP(internet retargeting etc.) system for DSP companies(Perl, KVS, MySQL, Linux).
  • designed, developed and programmed websites for Germany artists and shops(WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Linux).

* 2008 – 2011 in Yahoo! Japan

  • designed system architecture for the Sponsored Search Advertising system(Oracle, Linux).
  • constructed Oracle Database for the Behavior Targeting AD system for Yahoo Japan.(Oracle, SQL, Linux) 
  • designed system architecture for the Contents Match AD system, and worked as the leader of infrastructure and operation team in Yahoo Japan.(Oracle, SQL, Perl, FreeBSD)

* 2007 as a Software Integrator

  • designed data stores(Oracle, KVS etc) as a DBA in Japanese big bank for FX system and Online Bank system etc.(Oracle, SQL, Perl, C, Java)

2006 in Cyber Agent

  • worked as a Oracle DBA in Japanese well-known blog system(ameba blog).(Oracle, Java, Perl)

2000-2006 in Softbank ITmedia

  • designed, developed and programmed CMS(Contents Management System) for the web publishing.(Perl, PHP, C, Oracle, MySAL, SQL, Linux, UNIX, FreeBSD)


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